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Good News, Expeditions for 2021 are ON!!!

To enable you to be ready for the expedition, we will be having training sessions meeting out doors at the Westhill Academy / Community Centre off Hays Way. These will start at 7:00pm – 8:30pm on Thursday 29th April for all levels and we plan to have sessions weekly until the expeditions. Make sure that you wear suitable clothing as it is still cool in the evenings!! The email that was shared to all participants can be found here.

If you require any more information please contact

The Future of Westhill Open Award Group

There are important changes happening which will impact the ability of Westhill Open Award Group to continue. All participants and their parents should have received an email detailing the changes that are being implemented by D of E Scotland and which is copied in “The Future of Westhill Open Award Group”

Bronze Expedition Map

The bronze expeditions will be based upon the attached map

Training Resources

To support participants in preparing for their expedition, we have pulled together links to videos and other training materials in our Training Resources page. These are grouped so they relate to the DofE training framework and will be used to support the learning at the out door training sessions.

Further information on the Award is also available on the D of E website and also on the YouTube channel

  • 2020 Bronze Expeditions


We regret that under instruction from the Duke of Edinburgh Award Office, WOAG is longer authorised to enrol school aged participants.


Westhill DofE can be contacted by our normal email address or by using the form below: