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Expeditions 2021

Congratulations to all the teams that completed their expeditions over the summer. The teams have worked hard training outside at the Westhill Academy in all weather conditions during the spring to ensure that they were ready for their expedition(s). The latest news about the participant successes and the plans for the future of what the volunteer group hope to be able to deliver for the young people of Westhill can be seen in the article that is being published in the Westhill Bulletin.

Photos from the 2021 expedition season.

The Future of Westhill Open Award Group

There are important changes happening which will impact the ability of Westhill Open Award Group to continue. All participants and their parents should have received an email detailing the changes that are being implemented by D of E Scotland and which is copied in “The Future of Westhill Open Award Group”

If you require any more information please contact


We regret that under instruction from the Duke of Edinburgh Award Office, WOAG is no longer authorised to enrol school aged participants.


Westhill DofE can be contacted by our normal email address or by using the form below: