Training Sections

Due to the Covid restrictions we have not able to hold our normal sessions in the Westhill Academy until now (and these will be outside)! To allow you to prepare in your own time, we have developed and consolidated links to appropriate training materials and grouped them so they relate to the DofE Expedition Training Framework.

The links below will provide you with reading material and videos which we would like you to work your way through and then following this we will then share as part of the programme, worksheets and questionnaires to show that you have an understanding of the key points and then on which we will build once we can have outdoor face to face sessions in advance of the expedition.

If you have any questions feel free to ask your leader when you are at the training sessions.

The subject areas for the framework are:

  1. First aid, emergency and safety
  2. Navigation
  3. Campcraft
  4. Food and cooking
  5. Access
  6. Aim, presentation and evaluation
  7. Team building

1. First Aid and Safety

It is important that when you are on expedition you have the skills to ensure your

Bronze Silver & Gold
AllSt Johns Ambulance Application
AllSt Johns Ambulance DofE Materials
AllDuke of Edinburgh First Aid and Emergency Procedures
AllDuke of Edinburgh Risk health and Safety

2. Navigation

Bronze Silver & Gold
Description & Link
AllIt is important that before going on expedition that you understand how a compass is used with a map to allow you navigate along your planned route.
Navigation Framework
AllOS Locate – A useful application to have on your phone that allows you to check your current location using GPS.
Android Download
Apple Download
AllExplanation of various navigation techniques Lyle Brotherton navigation
AllExplanation of how to use a Silva compass
AllLocal Map that can be used to practice map reading
Westhill Map
AllVideo explaining how a Silva compass is used.
Silva Navigation Video
AllOrdnance Survey Basic Map Reading
Silver / GoldOrdnance Survey Advanced Map Reading
AllDuke of Edinburgh Navigation Resources

3. Camp Craft

Being ready for the expedition starts with the preparation and getting the kit required to make your expedition safe and enjoyable. We need to look at:
– What you need to wear,
– What you shouldn’t wear,
– What other kit do you need for your expedition & where to get it
– How to wear your rucksack and pack it,
– Where and how to pitch your tent and how to look after it


Bronze Silver & Gold
Description & Link
AllExplanation of the required kit, how to pack and wear your rucksack and be a considerate camper Required Kit and camping
AllDuke of Edinburgh Campcraft Resources


– Worksheet questionnaire

Face to Face

  • Tent Pitching
  • Discussion of
    • Rucksacks
    • Outdoor access
    • Where to go
    • Considerate camping

4. Food and Cooking

Having the right amount of the right food and knowing how to safely cook or heat up the parts that need that is absolutely essential.   Take too much and you’ll have to carry a lot of it out again.  Too little, or the wrong sort of food and you can run short of energy, have too much weight to carry or in summer conditions it may perish and be inedible.   

It is important to have a full menu planned for the duration of your expedition rather then adding items piecemeal.   You should download/print out the menu planner and make up a few meal plans.   Try doing it on your own and then with others so that you get experience of planning food for a group – 7 different selections is not a good plan for each meal time!      And if you’re thinking of trying something new (like one of the Wayfarer MRE meal packs) it’s a good idea to try it out at home first to make sure you find it palatable!!


Bronze Silver & Gold
Description and Link
Bronze Menu Planner
Silver Menu Planner
AllMost WOAG expeditions are undertaken with Trangia stoves and you should all be thoroughly familiar with how to safely operate them as shown in the video and when we have a practical session. Attention to detail will help prevent burns, scalds and fires.
How to use a Trangia Stove
AllExpedition food guide from another DofE group.
AllDuke of Edinburgh Food and Cooking Resources


The Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003 gives you some of the best access rights in the world. You have the right to be on most land and inland water for recreation, education and going from place to place, providing you act responsibly. Your access rights and responsibilities are explained in the Scottish Outdoor Access Code.

Bronze Silver & Gold
Description and Link
AllHere’s a series of 12 short video clips on the YoungScot Youtube channel introducing the Scottish outdoor access code
SilverHere’s a pdf that you can view and download which describes how to enjoy your Scottish access rights and follow the Scottish Access Code – it’s a summary of what you have looked at for Bronze at the YoungScot Youtube channel
GoldHere’s a video link to ‘Cracking the Scottish Outdoor Access Code’: a 16min video set in Shetland after the onset of Covid. Although it’s set in Shetland it is equally applicable for any Scottish Gold Expedition especially since it deals with access to farmland/croftland. And since it is post-covid it deals with some contemporary issues such as ‘Dirty Camping’
AllOutdoor Access Scotland
AllDuke of Edinburgh Access Resources

Test you knowledge on the rules of access in Scotland with our Access Quiz

Aim, presentation and evaluation

Bronze Silver & Gold
Description and Link
AllDuke of Edinburgh Observation and Recording Resource

Team Building

One of the key things to take from completing your DofE is that you achieve more when working as a team. Some participants will be physically stronger, others are better at cooking and some are better at navigation. Through working as a team you can work better together and achieve your goal supporting each other.

Additional Resources

There are multiple other sources of information and training materials to support you in the completion of the award.

Bronze – Start your DofE

This includes:

DofE Expedition Resources

– DofE Expedition Training at home

The D of E YouTube Channel

Aberdeenshire DofE Website

Lupine Adventures